Mialma is the story of Camilla, who in 2017 feels the desire to tell the story of the uniqueness of every woman, step by step, to accompany her towards the discovery of her own desires. This journey is born from a mosaic of precious memories that celebrate femininity in all its expressions. The heart of the collections is the versatile icon sandal that accompanies the wearer at all times of the day, as if it were a precious amulet.
Each model takes shape thanks to an ethical and sustainable production process, where the mastery of craftsmanship is combined with the quality of Italian tradition. Leather, velvet and fabrics intertwine in the elegance of a product that allows each soul to express itself. The collections are enriched with a line of belts, bags and accessories that reveal lively, sophisticated and overwhelming personalities.
Mialma is an invitation to wear one's soul, to choose with courage to follow one's dreams, one's rainbow.


Made in Italy' is one of the main values in which we believe. Our aim is to guarantee excellence and the highest quality in the manufacture of our products.
Each product is conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy. Italian manufacturing has no competitors thanks to the experience it boasts in craftsmanship. In particular, Mialma manufactures in Milan, Parabiago and Vigevano, footwear and handbag districts that are internationally renowned and appreciated.


Another fundamental value in which we strongly believe is the care in the choice of materials and
accessories strictly of first-class. The raw materials are then processed by the hands of our skilled craftsmen who make it possible to manufacture all our products thanks to their precision and talent.


All our packaging is designed primarily to be reused and, strongly believing in Made in Italy, the production of the same takes place in Italy. Our colorful boxes are made of recycled cardboard, a choice that wants to contribute to the protection of the planet while our sachets are made of 100% cotton. Both boxes and sachets can be reused to store our products or they can contain your precious objects, your memories or to accompany you on your travels. Reuse and rethink with us!


Before entering your home, all our products go through a careful and scrupulous quality control to guarantee you the best. Our "100% Made in Italy" and "handmade" will ensure that the product you wear will be unique.